15 Hilarious Digimon Vs Pokemon Memes

One of biggest franchises in pop culture over the last few decades has been Pokémon, which has expanded its reach from a video game brand to a collectible card game, anime series, films, toys, and more. Like any pop culture juggernaut, Pokémon has had to battle a huge field of competitors; some that are a direct rip-off and others that started around the same time and just got unfairly lumped in with all the other so-called imitators.

There’s little debating that Pokémon‘s single biggest– and definitely longest-lasting– direct competitor has been the Digimon franchise. Starting at almost the exact same time– and initially owing more to Tamagotchi than Pokémon, which both brands no doubt owe a debt of gratitude to– it’s probably not …

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