1st Nominations

Derek tells Sarah not to take Jemmagedon too seriously. The young ones need a reaction and Sarah is the one they have picked out. Derek told her to realise it’s all for attention and to rise above it, she was better than that. His heart was breaking watching the playground bullying. Jordan apologised for starting yesterday’s fight telling Sarah he misunderstood the conversation and should not have gone to Jemma to express his concerns. He left Sarah in the lounge to have a little cry and compose herself.



1st – Karthik – tried to be funny but comes across as rude

2nd – Chad – took the mock romance too far. She felt pressured into starting a fake romance


1st – Trisha – he don’t trust her. Not the kinda person you could row with. He’s scared of her. And how her arse hangs out

2nd – Sarah – he doesn’t care for him at all and the name calling is a reaction to herself


1st – Trisha – shes not a team player – has not helped at all.

2nd – Karthik – the conversation is not natural and it’s like he is interviewing people when chatting


1st – Jemma – the girl has a grudge and is fake. Attacked her verbally

2nd – Trish – overnight she has gone cocky and has a weird vibe


1st – Chad – lazy. He’s a big crusty man he could do better. Clean up after yaself

2nd – Sarah – likes attention, will butt into a conversation.


1st – Sarah – she is narcissistic. Over dramatic when she drinks

2nd Paul – loud pushy person


1st Karthik – sexual jokes always at the wrong time and he don’t fit in with the family

2nd Helen – hasn’t made an effort to know people and is distant


1st – Sarah – the poor me poor me is exhausting.

2nd – Karthik – annoys the fuck out of her and is not genuine


1st – Karthik – makes sam feel like he’s back in school

2nd – Brandi – makes him feel very uncomfortable to be in her company


1st – Sarah – brings a lot of bad vibes and is negative.

2nd – Karthik – nothing to relate too, different backgrounds, brings nothing to her CBB experience.


1st – chad – very dissapointed his reaction when being saved from first night eviction

2nd Sarah – makes him feel uneasy. She can go at any time.


1st Helen – makes Derek feel uneasy

2nd Sarah – Derek has tried to help her and guide her but shes ignored his advice.


1st Sarah – an anxious individual

2nd Chad – he seems bewildered and baffled by everything.

Karthik – in the form of a rap!

1st – Brandi – she don’t like domination

2nd Paul – he plays mind games

The housemates up for eviction this week are…in no particular order








Chad seemed rather perplexed and Sarah said she couldn’t give a fucking shit….yeah right.

Trisha had a good cry in the bedroom and later told Chad that Sarah was a C and a dog and she hoped Sarah went. Chad defended her and said he thought she was okay, she just needed to be cool.

Who goes……you decide!

Live Eviction Friday Channel 5

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