Let’s Bring the Beach to your home!!

Seashell candleholder

Dear Diary,

I am living at the beach this summer, so want to share some summer DIY projects with you all. I love candles and the beach!!  So, if you are like me and love how lighting a candle can give a whole room instant ambience then I have an easy and inexpensive and very beach chic DIY for you!!!! Let’s make our own beachy candleholders, so you can make your home feel like your at the beach!

The cost of each candleholder is just a little over $1. And these pretty candleholders only takes minutes to make! You can buy your glass cylinder candleholders at Walmart for 97 cents each!

pretty candleholder
1, 2 and 3!

Here’s how to make them…

  1. Materials: glass cylinder candleholders… organic looking rope (mine was 3/8 inch)… and a starfish.

  2. Using hot glue, glue the rope to the bottom front of the glass cylinder.

  3. Wrap the rope around the glass cylinder gluing as you go.

easy candleholder
…4, 5, 6 and done!
  1. Wrap the rope around the cylinder about one third the way up from the bottom. Cut and glue the rope to the cylinder to finish.

  2. Hot glue your starfish to the front of the cylinder.

  3. Make another!!!! And then add a candle!

You can also use the fake candles that have timers on them, those are my favorite!! Set them to come on around 6 pm and enjoy a fabulous evening with ambience!!

Have a Diva day!


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  1. Love the look of these! Will definitely be having a go at these for our bathroom, so effective and looks so simple!

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