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Stranger Things Box Set Binge

I’m not a massive TV watcher. I don’t set sky plus to record programs to watch later. Not an on-demand demander. Certainly not an IPlayer watcher.

I’m a box set binger and do not have the patience to wait for next week. I forget what program is on what day sitting ready and waiting bang on the clock for the opening credits.

I want to be entertained in full beginning to end in one sitting.

Enlighten me. Make me want more. Keep me guessing BUT NEVER KEEP ME WAITING.



To begin with, I was a bit unsure of committing my time to Stranger Things. I had washing to sort and the grouting in the bathroom needed touching up BUT I was pressured into watching this by my 14-year-old daughter. All I can say is roll on Season 2 and hurry up October 31st!

  • Four pre-teen boys into Dungeons and Dragons (yawn).
  • One kid goes missing (oh getting interesting).
  • Mothers distraught and the local police think she’s a nutter (full attention now).
  • Walls that try and grab you and 24 sets of Christmas tree lights that communicate with you (past bedtime but who cares).

Imagine ET as a 15 with a pretty good soundtrack.

NOTE – Do not judge Stranger Things until at least episode 2. I was hooked!

Box Set binge time – over course of four evenings completed!

Red Stiletto rating 5/5

What the professionals say

Much like a Demogorgon in the night, Stranger Things crept out of nowhere and took us all by surprise. A curious little sci-fi drama which doffs an affectionate cap to 1980s Amblin-era sci-fi, while standing assuredly on its own two feet, the Duffer Brother’s curious concoction quickly became the water-cooler TV show of 2016. Anticipation for Season 2, due this year, is fierce. Stock up on Eggos and get up to speed on one of Netflix’s biggest original hits.

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