How a Blow Job can Blow his Mind


To give the best head ever, follow the steps below to be the top of the class head girl.

Remember a blowjob isn’t a chore. Just because it has the job in its name it doesn’t have to be.

There are a few blokes out there that don’t enjoy oral sex (I haven’t met one yet). For a partner to give an intense nosh and leave their partner panting is not only a pleasure but also a gold star to you. For a woman, it is empowering. You are completely in charge as to when they “arrive at their destination” or just the warm-up for some “you” time.

Don’t dive straight in

Take your time. Begin by placing tiny teasing kisses on his stomach and thighs before letting your lips graze the tip of his penis. Not only does this foreplay build sizzling tension but in a new relationship, it gives you a chance to suss out his body and take a good look at what you’re working with! In an established relationship, this is the time you can use to check out your old man’s dangly bits. Any changes? If there are don’t jump up suddenly announcing it. You will lose the moment. Just place in the back of your mind to discuss this after.

Wetter is better

Flavoured lubricants juicy flavour for you feel deliciously slick for him and mean you don’t have to worry about your mouth becoming dry. Pump a few drops into your palm and smooth them onto his skin, stimulating him with your hand at the same. Have a taste beforehand. The last thing you want to do is the gag on the melon flavour while having your mouth full. Watering eyes and a running nose ain’t sexy. In addition to lube, keep water by the bed and take sips now and again.  Again, this will help stop dehydration. As well as making things easier for you, the cool liquid will feel great against his penis and give him a mix of different sensations. If you are brave enough try sucking on an extra strong mint first. Just make sure you warn him first.

Long licks from base to tip

With your tongue broad and flat lick the whole length of him making eye contact showing him you’re excited and unashamedly enjoying yourself will relax and arouse him.

Practice the matchstick method

Next, take his penis inside your mouth. Penises are built rather like matchsticks, the hottest parts are at the top/head which connects to the shaft. These contain the most nerve endings and are most sensitive. Concentrate your action here alternating between sucking swirling your tongue one way, then another and flicking it lightly. A figure of 8 with your tongue around the head.

Keep your hands handy

While giving a blowjob don’t neglect the rest of his body. Use your fingers to delicately caress his testicles, run your nails gently up his inner thighs or pinch his nipples if that’s an area he likes to be stimulated.  Kill two birds with one stone check out for lumps and changes while you are at it.

Stay eager while taking a breather

You’ll want to take a break from time to time to avoid getting jaw ache. Keep the passion flowing by kissing him (some men will want you to have a sip of water to wash your mouth about. Why when it’s theirs you have had in your mouth is beyond me but I speak from experience), massaging him with your hands.

Keep him calm and carry on “SLOWLY”

As they approach climax, some guys can become over-excited, and thrust too powerfully into their partner’s mouth or instinctively grasp their partner’s head in a way that not all women find pleasant. If this happens, try pulling away and asking him to slow down so you can enjoy him. DO NOT BITE DOWN!

Wear a raincoat.

Condoms protect against the transmission of STIs during oral sex and flavoured ones taste great too. Putting on a condom with your mouth is impressive, sensual, and easier than you might imagine. Just do not breathe in sharply. Again coughing and gagging while trying to pull a rubber Jonnie out the back of your throat is not sexy.

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