Is it your birthday today 25th June?


Born on 25th June….Happy Birthday!

This individual is lucky in love, but changeable. One minute in pursuit, the next bored – pursuit and seduction are the essence of their sexuality. It’s part of the June 25 sizzle. They think that nobody is unseduceable except when approached by an inept lover. Which this desirable creature is not. Fun to be with, their greatest promises are best ignored for a few months until they have decided to stay.

And they will only stay when the timing is right for them, when they are tired of the endless succession of different heads on the other pillow and the piles of unwanted CDs which played a brief part in some forgotten flirtation. They may also have a definite notion about when they should settle down. It’s usually quite a conventional decision, not difficult for the eagle-eyed to spot, like when July 25 reaches 30, can afford to buy a house, discovers the first grey hairs, and that their waist size is three inches larger than it was at nineteen.

Because this date is often greatly attached to its parents, when a father or mother dies and leaves an emotional gap, June 25 often yearns to fill that gap with another love and dreams of a new future promised by the birth of children. June 25 is an exciting lover, full of passion and a flattering need for instant gratification, but there’s little taste for, or talent for niceties. No elaborate games here; no strawberries and cream eaten off naked skin and not much champagne in the bath. But after the event, it’s different.

June 25 adores post-coital bingeing and lovers already languorous with sensation can expect more pleasure with endless varieties of chocolates, delicious oysters and pieces of lobster, maybe slices of papaya, all served in the tumbled sheets. Expect all this to be accompanied by a powerful drink, such as whisky sour on the rocks.

Body: If you are often tired and your skin is muddy, it may be that snatched meals of fast, or prepared food have left you low on zinc. Low levels of zinc can be caused by the contraceptive pill, steroids, cigarettes and alcohol. Trials have also shown that using zinc supplements can be as helpful as some antibiotics in treating skin conditions such as acne. But for ordinary run-downess and not brilliant skin, just try eating more zinc-rich foods. Look for it in mushrooms, eggs, mustard and brown rice, which contains six times more zinc than the polished white variety.

Mind: This individual should try to be aware that people are not like a pack of cards, to be constantly reshuffled. Many lovers could make perfect life-long partners and a chance lost will usually come again.

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