30 Day Ab Part 2

Well we made it through the first part and we are still alive. The rest day might have almost killed me and I say that because it meant today hurt that much more by the end of it! That burn means it is working though. Remember day 1 it burned by number 15, now here we are and it doesn’t burn until the end so at least 25 before we feel the burn! Our abs are getting stronger ladies! We might not see it yet, but its working! Maybe after this set I will do a waist check.  I am not using a soft tape but rather a stagger tape (that you measure tire circumference with) so I don’t know if my numbers are the “correct”.  When I started this journey 5 days ago I was a 34 at the thickest part of my waist (lower section, just above hip bones) and a 32 on thinnest part (upper section, just under lowest rib).

Here is our next series of days. I will do a check in post on day 8. Keep getting up, sitting up, getting fit!

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