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Okja – Netflix original.

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I saw the trailer for this a few weeks ago. And reminded myself to stick this on when I had some ironing to do and the kids were driving me mad.

The world is running out of food. A super pig is “discovered” that will save the world in 10 years time. 26 farmers across the globe are picked to raise the piglets with the best in breed pig to be announced in 10 years time. The film focuses on one farmer and his granddaughter raising Okja in South Korea. Fast forward 10 years. Okja wins the Super pig competition and now the story starts. NO SPOILERS.

I set the board up thinking I would maybe get a few bits on hangers before the film forgotten. Hands up I admit it. The ironing went untouched and we all went unfed until the end of the film.

WORD OF CAUTION – Do not watch this with a mardy 14 years old who is a picky eater at the best of times. I now have a mardy 14 years old picky eating vegetarian.

Red Stiletto rating 4/5

What the professionals say

In rural South Korea, a young girl named Mija (Ahn Seo-Hyun). She enjoys an idyllic life with Okja, a genetically-modified ‘superpig’, as a companion. But when Okja’s inventor, Mirando Corporation CEO Lucy, demands she return to New York for a PR stunt. A fight for her freedom arises.

At this year’s Cannes, Okja became the unwitting whipping-pig for a furious and timely debate. The streaming giant opted not to release it theatrically, to the chagrin of traditionalists. A chorus of boos greeted the film’s premiere

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