Feeling like a Fat Piggy :(

Hi Divas,

I am seriously mad at myself. I feel like on the weekends i can cheat a little and drink and eat whatever and have fun. UM NOPE now i put 2 pounds back on. I guess cheating means pounds period. I cannot do that anymore!! I am hoping to get some exercise in this week but it’s going to be another busy one!! We are working hard on Diva Diaries to be just perfect for all our readers. Please share with your friends, if you are enjoying us and leave comments. We love that!!

I finished a great project this weekend also and it’s already sold!! An old ugly ass dresser and nightstand i got free and turned it into treasure!!!!!! it’s gorgeous! Let me know what you think!!

ok gotta run!!

Feeling like a fat pig





11 Comments on “Feeling like a Fat Piggy :(”

  1. Aw, I always find a week of eating what I want actually helps me lose more lbs the following week! Don’t worry about it <3 P.S the ugly ass dresser is now lovely, not surprised it sold already! Well done πŸ˜€

  2. I think we all go though this. It is very upsetting to work so hard all week that you just want to let go and have a little fun. Do not get demotivated though, pick up the pieces and keep strong this week. Exercise a little more and drink a LOT more water and you will be back on track in no time πŸ™‚

  3. My biggest issues is I nibble nibble nibble nibble I only eat one meal a day that’s dinner but wow…. so I’m tying to do more healthy nibbles like green grapes. I think we are all entitled to a splurge weekend but only one a month πŸ™‚ Your dressers look fabulous. great job.

    1. i have been trying to stop nibbling, i think that was my downfall before, i keep snow peas and carrots in the crisper and that cold crunch satisfies my little urges LOL Thank you i love the dressers too!!!

  4. Here is something I was told recently and its stuck in my head and makes me giggle too… And it is so true… Little pickers wear big knickers πŸ™‚ PS Love the dresser and night stand πŸ™‚

  5. The dresser looks amazing! Dont worry about the 2lbs. If you ate carb heavy food, you would have retained more water also. And don’t forget 1L of fluid is 1kg! Seriously loving the dresser, it looks so beachy!!

  6. Those dressers are awesome, it’s big dump time around here right now. Where people clean out their garages, and leave the stuff on the curb, I may have to drive around and see if I can pick anything up I can turn into a treasure to keep or sell. Good job Deb!!

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