A Burger King in Massachusetts Just Asked Its Neighbor Wendy’s to Prom

A Burger King in Massachusetts just pulled off quite the promposal.

On Wednesday, the fast-food chain shared a picture on Twitter of one of its Boston, Mass. restaurant’s asking its next-door neighbor, Wendy’s, to prom.

“@WENDYS PROM?” the sign read.

And Wendy’s is willing to be Burger King’s prom queen but has some ground rules.

“Ok, but don’t get handsy and we have to be home by 10,” the restaurant hilariously replied on social media.


— Burger King (@BurgerKing) May 9, 2018

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An excited Burger King was more than happy to announce the news, and even changed the sign in front of the restaurant to let people know.

“@wendys looking forward to it,” the fast food chain captioned a picture featuring the new “@WENDYS SHE SAID YES!” sign and a person holding a burger box with a red rose inside of it.

Ok, but don’t get handsy and we have to be home by 10. https://t.co/tQunlsqecG

— Wendy’s (@Wendys) May 9, 2018


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But, this Burger King doesn’t just want to go to prom, it also wants to be fast food royalty.

“Let’s aim for king and queen of prom,” the restaurant added along with king and queen emojis.

.@wendys looking forward to it. let’s aim for king and queen of prom. 🤴👸 pic.twitter.com/KMBktLPLfl

— Burger King (@BurgerKing) May 9, 2018


Burger King hasn’t always been on friendly terms with its competition though. Last October, the fast-food chain seemed to troll McDonald’s by giving out free Whoppers to the first 500 customers dressed as a clown on Halloween.

In the promotional video launching their “Scary Clown Night“, a Burger King worker is being chased by clowns to claim their free whoppers.

The first clown viewers see looked strikingly like Ronald McDonald, which, of course, appeared to be Burger King trolling their competitor McDonald’s as Ronald is the mascot of the burger company.

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