Another One Bites The Dust

CBB fans were left in shock last night when Jordan lost his place in the house.

Jordan was up against comedian Helen and his two friends reality stars Sam and Jemma when (my girl crush) Emma Willis announced that both Jemma and Helen were safe, meaning the boys were both in danger.

It was later announced that Jordan received the lowest votes, meaning he was the third housemate to be evicted from the show.

After nearly two weeks of watching Jemma cause continuous argy bargy in the house, it was no shock the very vocal crowd were shouting “Get Jemma out” throughout the show.

Before the eviction drama viewers witnessed another massive “slag off” between Jemma and Sarah. With feelings heating up over the last few days between the two girls, things erupted during last night’s show when a game a spin the bottle turned sour. It all seemed to be going well at first when the pair enjoyed a kiss as part of the game, but when Sarah declined to kiss Sam Jemma couldn’t hold back her frustrations leading to a massive argument in the house.

It seems Jemma isn’t the only one who dislikes the singer. Jordan declared his ‘hate’ for Sarah during his live interview with Emma following his eviction. He said, “She’s a nightmare! When she has a drink she’s a different person. I hate her. The Chad thing is bullshit!”

Jordan also discussed his bromance with Sam when he said, “I had my boy Sam! He’s got Paul in there, he may struggle without me but he’s a strong lad he’ll be alright.”

Another eviction is set to take place on Friday!

But I’m away this weekend so I will have to do a CBB Binge and catch up with you all on Monday!

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