Ewww into Awww

I’m not an animal lover at all. My “germolitus” wont allow me to have animals.

I just about coped with kids and quite often they were stripped at the back door and anti baxed down with Detol spray.

The idea of a cat or dog hair in my house actually sends shivers up my spine.

The kids begged for pets when they were little…I relented and allowed two Black a Moors. You know the big black gold fish with googly eyeballs. Floella and Benjamin were rather happy living in domestic bliss until one night that had a falling out and in a quickie divorce Floella ate Benjamin. That was a hard one to explain to the kids. “Why do we now have one and a half fish mum”? “Well Floella has raging PMT and Benjamin pushed her too far telling her he would do it later”…..

BUT, the video below makes me sit from this side of the screen in my germ and hair free home saying ahhhhhh. so sweet awwwwwwwww so cute. Right up to the point the chicken run at that woman. I would be screaming me nut off!





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