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Everyone has an opinion about baby names…

If you share what you want to name your baby when you’re expecting. You will get people loving your choice and stealing it for their own.  I have had this happen to me twice now. Or telling you how different it is which also means they wouldn’t choose it themselves. Baby names are a personal thing You can’t expect everyone to love the name you’ve chosen for your little one.

But there are certain baby names that are so horrifying, they have been legally banned from being used.

2016 has seen a number of interesting names that have been banned and leave us questioning what exactly was going through the parent’s minds when naming their offspring.


A high court judge ruled the mother could not name her baby Cyanide, despite the mother arguing the name had “positive connotations as the poison that ended the life of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi leader”.

Her argument was lost right there. Sadly the judge didn’t rule on the other twin’s name – Preacher.


A couple in Denmark chose to call their baby Anus, despite having 7000 approved names to choose from. The parents were stopped from using the name.


Both the Devil and Lucifer are on banned lists of names in New Zealand and some attempts have been made to name their child these.

Fish and Chips

One set of parents thought Fish and Chips were the perfect names for their twins. The parents resided in New Zealand and their choice names were put on the banned list.


Surprisingly, this name doesn’t seem too harmful to name your child, but your country’s policy may disagree. Names that give an impression of a title are usually rejected like Corporal, Duke, Knight, Bishop and Senior Constable. Justice also fits in with this description so is on the banned list.


This is pretty self-explanatory, but some parents feel led to naming their child after their favourite social media app.

Facebook is banned in the state of Sonora in Mexico as is Harry Potter, US Navy, Robocop, James Bond, Facebook and Twitter. Instagram and Snapchat are still up for grabs though.


Not sure how to pronounce this ridiculous name, but parents in Sweden chose to name their child Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 in retaliation to the law against parents preventing them from naming their children Metallica and Elvis. The name is pronounced Albin and they were fined £450. It was for their own good because can you imagine filling out forms with that name? Definitely makes it hard for your child to get their own personalized pen too.


Italian parents were prevented from naming their child Venerdi which means Friday, as authorities thought the name would expose the boy to bullying later in life.

In most countries, there aren’t a lot of restrictions on what parents can name their child but in exceptional cases, if a name is deemed offensive, it will be refused.

Parents need to think about how their child will grow up to live with their name and ask will it be a cause of grief and mockery to the child when they are older.

What you call them out of earshot of the big bosses is entirely up to you!

Baby names
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  1. I don’t understand why people even think of having strange names. Who in the right mind would want to name a child “Fish and Chips”. Celebrities don’t help. Kim Kardashian calling her child North West. It’s all for the attention

  2. I had enough trouble finding 3 names for my 3 girls (I chose ‘normal’ names in the end), so none of them have a middle name!

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