Barbies Kitchen

Hell Yes or no way Jose?

I’m torn. I love the pink but the polished chrome puts me off big time.

Little greasy fingers all over that perfect shiny worktop.

I currently have a beech wood and black kitchen. Love the wood its so warm and cosy but the high gloss black tiles and black slate floor drive me insane. The tiles have to be polished daily or else they look grimey, and don’t get me started on the bits on the floor. It’s time for a change but I’m stuck.

What do you think? Are you brave enough? Would you? Should I?

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I'm a single mum, waiting on my knight with shining armour but the best I can hope for is my 7 year old wrapped in tin foil. You can normally find me on my hands and knees (cleaning the kitchen floor). Getting wet in the bathroom (cleaning the kids honest). Dirty in the garden (digging weeds). Being creative in the kitchen (spaghetti hoops on toast ah viola!)

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