Weekly House cleaning Series – Bathroom Hacks

It is Saturday again!!! This is my typical house cleaning day and some weeks, it can take all of my Saturday mornings to complete. Each week, I am going to find some new house cleaning hacks and add them to my blog. I know we all dread the weekly cleaning chores but hopefully, by sharing ideas on here, we will soon have a great list to help us “Keep it Simple”

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

  • Magic Eraser – the MUST have cleaning product – Cut a piece off the eraser and place it in your toilet bowl the night before your “big” cleaning day and it will help to remove a lot of what you typically use to have to scrub.
  • Vinegar – I use white vinegar for a LOT of my chores. It is natural and does a great job cleaning. If you have hard water, you will relate to seeing all the hard water build up in the shower head. Take a plastic baggie and pour in some vinegar and then rubber band it around the shower head. Let it sit overnight (since you are doing the magic eraser in the toilet anyhow) and in the morning, you will see a lot of the hard water build gone.
  • Lemons – Another must have. Chemical Free. I personally use lemons for a lot of things but they are also a great hard water stain remover AND they smell great. Pour some lemon juice or slice a lemon in half and use to scrub the drains in the bathroom.
  • Baking Soda – I typically do not clean anything in the bathroom with baking soda but I do sprinkle some down the drains.
  • Rain X – If you have glass shower doors, this is a must!! Just spray it on and the water from the shower will bead off.
  • Water cup, toothbrush holder, q tip holder etc – throw them in the dishwasher!! I use to sit there and clean them all by hand and then one day though, why? Throw them in the dishwasher and they are clean and sterilized!
  • Shaving Cream – Do you get out of the shower and find that your mirror is completely fogged up? On your weekly deep clean, rub some shaving cream onto your bathroom mirror with a paper towel and then wet the paper towel and wipe the cream off. It will stay fog free for the week.
  • Alka Seltzer – Another hack I found for cleaning your toilet – drop in 2 tablets and allow to fizz for 15 minutes. Then run your toilet brush around the bowl and flush!

Ok, that’s it for this week. If you have any hacks that you would like to add, please, just use the comments section to add them. I will add new hacks each week to the blog. Hopefully, this will help all us with a simpler chore day!!!

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