BB UK Episode 2

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So finally sat down and watched last nights BB episode. I don’t know maybe its the cultural differences or what it is but I can not stand 1/2 the housemates! Now I have watched BBUS for a couple years now and yeah there are always a few that really rub me the wrong way, but never to the extent of this.

I get this is a “show” and they want to be outgoing and what not, but seriously WTF! Have a little bit of class people.  You are representing not just your country but UK as a whole. The brashness of some of these people make me sick! Now that being said there are a few I do like. I am not quiet ready yet to say who I want to go as I do want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Lets get through this first week and see how everyone’s personalities really come out to play.

BBUK 2017

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