BB UK Housemate Review Arthur

From the Fulford Estate to the BB House….

Here we are now day 4 and we have SEEN a lot more of Arthur so I figured why not do today’s feature on him. So last night Arthur decides he doesn’t want to wear boxers in the shower anymore and so strips down to the buff and steps into the glass see through shower. I don’t know who was more impressed, the girls or the guys! So now we know that Arthur is ROYALLY hung lets see what else he has going for him.

BBUK 2017 Arthur

Oh Arthur!

So far he has pissed off a few housemates, he has excessively stared almost creepily at a few housemates, and he has shown he is well endowed, but who is Arthur Fulford really? You might recognize him from him starring in his family’s reality show with his father Lord Fulford, The F**cking Fulfords. Or maybe from Life of Toff. Or maybe you know this 24 year old heir to the Fulford estate from his recent bout with the law after he flipped his car over drunk driving? Regardless if you knew him before we sure all know him now!

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