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BBUK 2017

Well last night brought a much better show for me. I wasn’t offended and I found myself laughing a few times and even clapping. What I have decided is I am going to do a Housemate review here and there if one jumps out at me. Last night with the Sex Tape Headline reveal I was, as most were, in shock. However, as Mandy went on to reveal it was her she really made me stand up and clap. How she owned up to it, didn’t try to come across as ashamed or poor poor pitiful me, even with her daughter sitting 5 feet away. When it came down to it, she stood up there, confessed the truth and then owned it like a boss stating ‘I was seven stone six lbs and put on a great performance.’. Kudos to Mandy.

sex tapae sign
Sex Tape Shocker!

Who is Mandy Longworth? Mandy is a 51 year old single mother. She works in real estate and loves to live young. Mandy came into the house with her daughter Charlotte. They portray themselves inseparable with Charlotte more the mother while Mandy is more of a fun outgoing person. Flirty and fun would be the best way to describe her. She says she is looking for “someone of a similar age, a bit of money and man that hasn’t dated a lot of young women”. Mandy was all about looking for love in the house, however, she states she feels more like the house mum to all the young kids this year. Hopefully Big Brother brings in someone more her age later.

BBUK Mandy
Mandy and Charlotte

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  1. OMG I totally feel for Mandy. Not that long ago my boyfriend was taking a gag picture to send to a mate as a joke. Just doing some cock pose or whatever. Well I was bent over looking like a fat cow brushing my teeth and happened to get caught in the picture too. So there we both were in the buff in this stupid picture he was sending to a mate as a gag joke, but the drunk idiot shared it to his snap chat story! Then we fell asleep without even knowing. Phones on silent. People trying to call and text and let us know it was on there and we slept peacefully for 5 hours without even knowing. To make matters worse we were at a large convention with most of the people on his snapchat including all his family. We woke up to WTF text and calls. He deleted it right away, but the damage was done. We didn’t let it hold us down though, we walked into the convention that day making jokes about snap chat and pictures and just having a good laugh about it. The bigger issue you make of something the worse people will treat it. If you can laugh and brush it off so will everyone else.

  2. When I was younger, maybe 13, my friend took a picture of me in the shower to be a bitch. This was back before these smart phones so it was with one of those cameras you have to get the film developed. Well anyhow when she got the camera developed the picture was in there. As far as I knew all copies of it were destroyed. Well years later I was with my new boy and my brother was at his mates next door. He comes storming over this this picture of me in the shower from when I was 13! Somehow someone got a copy of it (mind you we didn’t know these people until just recently). This guy that had it was like in his 50s. How he got it no one knows. Pretty creepy really. Got to be careful!

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