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Very quick update before I turn off the feeds. We saw Mark go home with a 4-2 vote (Alex and Jason voted him to stay as pity votes). By far the most humble good bye of the season. Mark is a great guy and could have made it far in the game if he had aligned himself and stayed true instead of being a flip flopper.

Live show ended with the remaining house guest minus Christmas competing in this week’s HOH. Floating in hot dog buns being covered in ketchup, mustard, relish, and more, it came down to who could hold on the longest.

While the temperatures dropped so did the house guests. If you don’t have live feeds an don’t want to know who won HOH then stop reading now.

As feeds came back on we see Matt (no surprise there he can’t win to save his life) and Kevin both have fallen and are sitting by Christmas cheering on the remaining house guests. Not much longer after that and Josh falls and joins them on the bench. Looked like Alex, Jason, Paul, and Raven were in for the long run but very quickly both Paul and Raven fall. House guests shivering are yelling at Alex and Jason to just give up. They aren’t gonna send each other home so why make everyone suffer the cold. Alex says she wants her 3rd HOH and Jason says he just wants a real HOH. Finally Alex gives in and after a few minutes of being scared to jump she finally let’s go.

There you have it. Jason is this week’s HOH. If I was a betting woman I would say probably see Kevin and Matt up on the block with Raven as a replacement. Either that or Matt and Raven up right away with Kevin as the replacement. This season has been pretty predictable and we know it’s down to Jason and Alex wanting to break up Matt and Raven next. I will update this weekend as soon as I know about nominations.

Signing off from outside the Big Brother House this is Social Sally saying goodnight house guests.


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