BB US Veto Results Spoiler

It’s Sunday which means Big Brother is on tonight with the completion of the HOH comp. However while everyone is watching that I will again be watching live feeds to see if the veto is used. Before I get ahead of myself here I should probably give you the results of the veto comp!

Heed my warning people I have spoilers coming up. If you don’t want to know then don’t read it.

Saturday brought on the Veto comp in the house. What a veto comp it was. Feeds were down for 5.5 hours and when they came back up the house was TRASHED! That can only mean one thing! That’s right, HIDE AND SEEK was the veto comp. I love this comp. I always laugh my butt off with it.

So we already know names were drawn early on for the veto and we had the HOH Jason, nominees Matthew and Raven, and then Kevin, Josh, and Paul all playing. I can’t see Kevin making a big mess and Matthew is always cleaning so I really think Paul and Josh and Jason are the ones that made the biggest mess. Always fun. I know I am stalling on results.

Well here it is. Jason won the POV. 

Now things got a little interesting last night on the feeds in regards to whether Jason will use the veto or not. The house is trying to get him to use the POV and put Kevin up as a replacement. Christmas, Paul, and Josh want to secretly vote out Kevin and Matthew and Raven think that is the plan anyhow. Jason wants to still stick with breaking up Maven. Alex thinks he should take down one and put up Kevin just to protect himself for jury votes. However Jason says he is sick of everyone telling him how to play his game and he will do what he wants. He does not plan to use the POV. Now this may all change today so we shall see.

I will update on here when the veto ceremony is over. Until then this is Social Sally signing off from outside the Big Brother House.

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