BB Veto Spoiler Update


Well I last left you after nomination ceremony. So we have Matt (last in temp comp), Elena, and Jason up on the block. Plan is for someone to get the veto and use it to pull someone off the block and backdoor Cody. Elena has agreed she would go up as a pawn as long as they used the veto to pull her off. 

Well a lot happened this weekend! The house is still convinced there is a bromance going on with Cody and Mark so that makes the house guests leery of trusting Elena so Paul and his puppets decided whoever wins the veto need to use it to Jason off so Elena is left sitting up there being scared. Paul said he wants to play in the veto so if house guest pick then pick up. Worst case scenario is if Cody is picked to play in the veto then they can’t do the back door plan. Or if Matt wins the veto and uses it on himself.

Well veto comp time. We get to watch some bunnies play on the camera while the house guest draw names and go play pass the present. Cameras come back on and we find out Cody did NOT get picked to play in the veto. Well that works for their back door plan perfect right? Wrong! 2nd part of that was Matt not winning and taking himself off. Well guess what? Matt won the veto! Some other things to point out is Paul and Xmas are now the tandem Sky diving team and are tethered together fro 28 hours. Jason is Xtreme man and gets to wear a costume with a giant X on his head for 48 hours, Alex is a camp director and has to cook everyone hot dogs. Mark won a vacation and Elena took $5000 (from Alex so more reason to make Elena sweat it on the block).

Well Paul’s puppets now include Matt so of course it didn’t take much for him to “convince” his puppets to “convince” his new follower Matt to not use the power of veto on himself. If Matt was to use it on himself they would not be able to put up a replacement nominee so the plan to backdoor Cody would be, well out the door. Cody spends the next day socializing with house guests, joining them to eat, hanging out sharing stories, joining in on conversations, ect.

Have to give Cody some props for trying, but it was too little too late. Matt used the power of veto on Jason and Alex put up Cody as the replacement nominee.  Cody is back to is sorry lonely self. Paul’s puppets are wispering about Mark being upset about how the ceremony went down and how he must be in with Cody again based on his reaction (oh it can’t have anything to do with the fact they left his girlfriend on the block when the promised the veto would be used on her). Here’s a new fun one for you….now Paul thinks Kevin is conspiring with Cody too because he talked to him! OMG did you know its against Paul’s house rules to talk to Cody or you’re a traitor! Come on people! I really was hoping the house would open their eyes this week to see how Paul is playing them.

Well it is double eviction week so after we say good bye to Cody on Thursday hopefully we can see this house start to play for themselves instead of for Paul. You can’t take 7 people to the finals with you! Just saying!

That’s it for me. See you Friday unless something big happens between now and then.

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