BB-UK Eviction Update – 25th July

Wow just wow. That is all I can say about this weeks massive evictions.  We all knew Sam was going home from when Andrew took the money in the steal. Noms were then made and it came to Chanelle, Hannah, Tom, Keiren, and Ellie up for eviction.

In a shocking eviction the first person out with the most votes was Chanelle. I did not see that coming. Just as much as the housemates did not see the double eviction coming. After Chenelle had her interview with Emma she announced to the housemates that no one was safe yet.

The next housemate with the most votes and evicted from the show was Ellie. With lots of tears from Rafe, Tom, Charlotte and even Andrew the housemates sat down to unwind from the night. But little did they know the night was far from over! Emma again comes back on and tells the housemates again no one is safe and now it is time for a double backdoor eviction.

That did not go over well with the housemates at all. When Emma returned each housemate had to nominate 1 housemate up for eviction and the 2 with the most votes were going home. After a gut wrenching noms ceremony Tom and Hannah were told to exit through the diary room…. Swears were said tears were shed…..but what the housemates didn’t know was this was not a real eviction!

Tom and Hannah were sent to THE ATTIC! In the attic Tom and Hannah got to give the remaining housemates tasks and test and were able to watch the results. Based off this they had to nominate 2 people to face real eviction this week. After making the housemates be honest, have fun, and twerk Hannah and Tom settled on Charlotte and Isabelle facing the vote this week.

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