BBUS Midweek Update SPOILERS

Well here we are  half way to live eviction day and what a crazy week it has been. I know I haven’t updated much this week but it really has been a pretty hectic week in the house and truth be told I have a hard time watching it. I am not supposed to have an “opinion” when writing a public blog so I find it hard to not go off about how I feel about the housemates, or better yet Paul’s “puppets”. The amount of bullying going on in the house is ridiculous. This isn’t just my opinion. The housemates were all called to the DR and told to tone it down. As we all know Jess and Cody and Jason are up on the block. What I haven’t updated on is the veto so if you don’t have live feeds stop reading right now.

Paul won the veto comp and used it to pull Jason off the block. The whole house has been on a tirade against Jess and Cody. Well not the whole house. Mark might not be speaking with them much right now but he will not turn against them like the house is. Even Elena I think is still on the fence but Paul has been in her ear big time not just against Jess and Cody, but also against Mark. I have lost all respect for housemates I had pegged early on to make it far, but after how they reacted this week I hope they get sent packing sooner than later. Jess will use the Hex on Thursday which we still don’t the exact plan of how this works, but from what we are gathering the eviction will be halting and the house will move right into the next HOH contest.

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