BBUS Spoiler Update

Well we all saw that over the weekend Josh won HOH and the obvious targets were Cody and Jessica, or so we thought. Josh really wants to get Elena out and is trying to hatch out a plan to get her up on the block. At the same time Christmas is telling Josh that he needs to stop listening to Paul so much. Cody and Jessica know that their only chance is to win the Den of Temptation comp to secure safety and finish last to secure a spot in the veto comp. As planned it worked out perfect with Cody winning the comp and Jessica coming in last. Half of Jody is now guaranteed to stay and the other half has another chance to be safe. Also Josh gets to do what he wanted to do, without going against Paul so up goes Mark and Elena on the block.

Now here comes the interesting part (and SPOILERS if you don’t have live feeds)…..

Christmas was on board with Josh and helping him to stop doing what Paul orders. However, when they all go to draw for the veto Paul tells Christmas if Cody is drawn then Christmas needs to use her Ring of Replacement and to take Cody’s spot in the veto comp. Paul tells Josh not to go after Elena and he better keep Jessica as the target. Well looks like its back to Paul’s Puppets. House guests gather to pull names for the veto and low and behold Cody’s name gets pulled. Christmas uses her Ring of Replacement to take Cody’s spot.

Power of Veto had Josh, Jessica, Mark, Elena, Christmas, and Alex getting to play with OTEV. Mark pulls off the win and no surprise he uses it to pull himself off the block. Raven volunteers to go up on the block as a pawn. It seems the whole house is back to being Paul’s Puppets. Today we have been hearing sound effects from babies crying to dogs barking. Wonder what is coming for the house guests now! Stay tuned!

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