Big Brother Housemate Review Charlotte

Charlotte Keys

Well our first eviction has come and gone. I thought it would be Sukhvinder going home, but alas we say goodbye to Randy Mandy. With her mum out of the house do you think we will come to see more of Charlotte? I did notice this weekend she seemed to be involved more in conversations and even got a few different faces from her. She stayed back when the Arthur drama goes on….well any drama as far as that goes. I really don’t think she likes Tom too much after he had her mom, Mandy, evicted.

Tom’s reasoning for evicting Mandy is because he hopes it will bring Charlotte out of her shadow and let her be her own person. Now Mandy says that Charlotte is a pretty outgoing but quiet girl and that she isn’t out there with Tom because she doesn’t like him. Do you think that’s the case or do you think she doesn’t like him because her mum said not to? Maybe she just needs to “melt” some now that her mom is gone. Her friends describe the 24 year old real estate agent as an “ice queen” due to her cold demeanor towards new people, and her inability to cry……well maybe the queen is melting as we saw some tears be shed for her mum when she was evicted….maybe this is the beginning to a new Charlotte.

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