BBUK Housemate Review Sukhvinder

BBUK 2017

Well maybe I need to stop doing housemate reviews……

Or just start doing them on housemates I don’t like! It seems the people I review tend to leave the house! First Mandy gets evicted and now Arthur self evicts. WTF! If the trend continues then Charlotte better watch herself shes next! Eeek. With that being said today I am going to review Sukhvinder because well she really is a bitch so I wont be sad to see her go.

Sukhvinder Javeed is a very opinionated wife, mother, and business owner. In writing she seems like the perfect woman, Mother advocate, breast and bottle support giver, doting wife and mother. Then she enters the big brother house and is nothing but drama. If she isn’t lashing out on people for their difference in opinions she is lashing out at her husband for him trying to give her advice so she doesn’t rub people the wrong way in the house. Last night after how she handled the Chanelle situation I lost even more respect for her. I too am claustrophobic but I know the difference in having fun and trying to kill someone. She should have handled the situation with more respect. Chanelle has been a good friend to her in the house and if Suki had done as Charlotte said and pulled Chanelle aside and explained why she didn’t find the bag on head funny the whole drama of it could have been avoided.

Maybe its just me that isn’t a fan of Suki, but I find that hard to believe considering the amount of boos she received last Friday. I am gonna say she better reel herself in some especially considering she also has a business reputation that her actions will effect.

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