Big Brother-US Temptation Curse SPOILER


 Big Big Big spoiler here. Do not read if you do not have live feeds and do not want to know the results of the temptation curse. As you all know when Jessica accepted the Halting Hex temptation it unleased the Temptation curse. This week and next week housemates have the option to compete in the temptation battle. The winner of the battle is safe for the week and cannot be put up on the block. The loser goes up as a 3rd nominee for eviction. At the end of the live show last night, right after Paul won HOH, Jessica announced to the house that her and Cody were safe for a few weeks. Last night before bed Paul made it very clear he is calling their bluff and they are his nominees for the week. If he tries to nominate them and her curse stops them (which we know it won’t) then he will put up Elena and Mark and Mark is his target. He figures if he can get Mark out then Elena will come over to their side and he can pick off Cody and Jessica easier.

Now I gave you plenty of time of no real spoilers so you still can back out now. Last chance. SPOILERS. This is for my mother and aunt. This is your last warning. Do not read any further. SPOILERS

So Temptation comp. You would think Cody and Jessica would compete to make them safe so they could potentially not have to use the Halting Hex, but they weren’t thinking. Cody told Paul they aren’t allowed to compete. That was a load of horse dung, but anyhow. From what I can tell Kevin, Josh, Cody, Jessica, and Paul did not compete. Everyone else did. I can confirm that Jason lost the comp making him have to be a 3rd nominee. Mark won the comp and is safe from eviction this week. Well that just put a wrench in Paul’s plan B. Didn’t take him long to gather his 7 minions and hatch a new plan. He managed to convince Alex to go up as a pawn alongside Elena and that Elena is the target this week. We will see if he goes with plan A with Cody and Jessica, plan B with Alex and Elena, or if he blindsides everyone! We will also see what the veto comp brings and how that will change up the game.

I will check back tomorrow with a weekend update. As Julie says “until then goodnight”.

*I do not own or have rights to any of the screenshot photos attached. All Big Brother photos and quotes are property of CBS.

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