Big Brother UK Finale

The votes are in and the British public has spoken. Your Big Brother 2017 winner is…..

Well before we get to that let’s talk about the finale 4 house guests.

Coming in as the 3rd runner up….

Tom Barbar from Swansea came into the Big Brother house as British Housemate. This 21 year old night club owner loves to party it up and just have a good time. He quickly became best friends with Kieran and Ellie and you continue to see the love for them grew as the days went on. Tom was always having fun and keeping everyone happy in the house. He had his few “episodes”, but overall you could tell what a fun great guy he is. Tom shared his love with everyone.

2nd runner up went to…..Deborah Agboola….or should we say Deborah Lee after she married (and then divorced) house mate Keiran Lee? Deborah came into Big Brother with her sister Hannah and they made it all the way to the finale week together. This single mum from Stratford came into the big brother house to show the world that anyone can do anything they put their minds to. She has shown in so many ways what a kind-hearted, strong, determined, loving woman she truly is.

First runner up and the finale house to be evicted from the Big Brother house was…..Raph (whose name I just realized I have been spelling wrong all season long! Sorry). Raph Korine has lived all over the world and has watched every show of Big Brother from numerous countries. He came into the show as the gamer with the mind set to trick, sneak, play the game all the way to the finale. He made it to the finale, but not by playing the game. Raph became a genuine all around loving, fun-hearted house mate and earned himself a spot in the finale. He made life long friendships, including with his new best mate for life Chanelle.

That left only 1 person left in the house, this seasons Big Brother  UK winner…..

Isabelle Warburton!!! Issy entered the house after being voted in by fellow housemates alongside Savannah O’Reilly. Isabelle quickly stirred up the house, but calmed down shortly after and found her spot alongside Chanelle, Raph, Hannah, and Deborah. Having a previous relationship with house mates playboy Kieran made for a lot of fun in the house as well. Isabelle’s growth through the house and discovery of internal beauty stole British hearts all over and won her this seasons Big Brother.

Congrats to all the finalist and a big congrats to Isabelle!

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