Big Brother Update

Wow just wow. Ok I told you I would update as soon as I heard anything but site was down yesterday so here is quick BB update on both sites.

US- SPOILER ALERTS As I told you before Alex won HOH and ended up putting up Dom and Jessica. We thought her target was Jessica but it turns out that Dom got herself in a lot of trouble with her mouth and back stabbing this week so that target has changed now to Dom. Jason won the power of veto and chose not to use it. So Alex’s noms stay as they are. Josh went off on Jess about a few things after he and Mark got into it because Mark tried to start a food fight by throwing his drink in Josh’s face. Then Christmas Dom got into it about he said she said stuff. Really was quite the mess yesterday.

UK brought us saying good bye to Sue and Simone which don’t think any of us will complain about. Now we see the housemates fighting for money. Isabelle finally got to talk to her sister on the phone and Chanelle got to spend the night with her boyfriend. Poor Rafe was lost without  his best mate….can we say a little possessive even? Well I’ll check back at the end of the week. Till then be smart and remember….big brother is always watching!

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