Big Brother US Blow Up

Wow! Just wow. There are no words for the things that went down last night in the Big Brother house. Tempers were high. The constant instigating and belittling of people went too far and the fishes came on. Two separate incidents broke out in just a few minutes time. One almost getting physical.

Without giving away what happened at the nomination ceremony Paul and Cody got into a very small argument that was more pathetic than anything. Cody has been biting his tongue for awhile with Paul and even though all Paul did was ask Jessica to lower her voice, it apparently was enough to get Cody over the edge and into Paul’s face. A lot of  ‘f’ you’s and “get the ‘f” out” were thrown around and that’s the gist of that one.

Cody did get upset after the fact when he realized he let his temper get the best of him and that effected not just his game, but Jessica’s as well. He took his stuff and moved into the Have Not room and told Elena that he thinks it’s best if he goes because he is bringing down Jessica’s game.

Jessica and Cody later ended up back in bed together. It wasn’t easy to get there with Paul’s minions doing his dirty work again and playing games by getting in Jessica’s head. Telling her not to use the hex this week and that she needs to get Cody out. As well as saying that everyone loves her, but don’t like Cody and if he is gone then she can work on making amends. Honestly it breaks my heart to see the lies, deceit, and down right cruelness of this seasons House Mates. Paul’s puppets.

Speaking of Paul’s puppets. Paul got Josh going early on last week to be as loud and obnoxious as possible and told him to get in Cody’s face and Mark’s face and to stir up as much crap as he can. All week long he is running his mouth, say mean dirty, hateful things to Mark and Cody not just about themselves but also about Jess and Elena to to get under the guys skin.

Last night was no exception. With house mates Alex, Kevin, and Jason egging him on during, and what’s worse after, the incident I have now lost all respect for the people in that house. This is just my feelings. I am hoping to see things calm down and get better after Josh was told he is not allowed to instigate Mark anymore. This all happened after Josh said so very cruel things to Mark and then was banging pots in Mark’s face. Mark got upset went after Josh, took the pans from his hands and the camera’s quickly went to the fish, leaving us viewers stunned.

After the cameras clicked back on we find out Mark did not hit Josh (as I would have done by this point) and for the next hour both boys end up being called in the DR. Alex, Jason, and even Kevin keep telling Josh to keep it going, keep being loud and getting in their faces.

Josh keeps dancing around banging pots, singing, talking trash as loud as he can about Mark, Elena, Cody, and Jessica. The other housemates also making snide comments. Josh was shortly thereafter told in the DR he is to stop all attacks and instigation. Mark was told he as well will be removed from the house if he gets confrontational.

As the boys are calming down after their DR visits Paul has Elena telling her to leave Mark and join forces with them, Christmas is with Jessica telling her to leave Cody and join forces with them. Cody is in the Have Not room reflecting on how bad he has hurt people, especially Jessica. Mark is going around making apologizes for his behavior to all his housemates, who are all being nice and accepting to his face, and then stabbing him in the back as soon as he turns around. I have a feeling this fight isn’t over.

Today we have the veto contest and I will post tomorrow with the spoilers of who wins and if it’s used. Feeds are down for the day so lets hope no one fights when we aren’t watching.


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