Big Brother US Update – 24th July

Well a lot happened while I was away this weekend. I believe we left off on US with waiting on the battleback so lets start there. I will go beyond the tv and there are a lot of spoilers in the last 2 paragraphs so if you don’t watch the live feeds stop after the results of the HOH!

Battleback brought on Cameron, Cody, Dom, and Jillian to battle it out in a knockout series of events leaving one the sole survivor. With the battle of the maze it was an easy pull out by Cameron and Cody sealing them to move on to the knockout. At the start of the billboard knockout it appeared Cameron was going to run away with the win, but then Cody figured out the trick and pulled ahead and knocked out Cameron. This didn’t mean he had won his way back into the house though, no he had to then face up against housemates choice Paul on the maze one final time. Cody pulled off the win and won himself lots of kisses from Jessica. They then had to all battle out in the HOH contest which was an endurance battle where the housemates got to hand out punishments to the other housemates.

No surprise almost all the punishments were handed out to Jessica and Cody. Came down to Christmas and Jessica the only 2 left standing at about the 3 hour mark when Christmas fell out leaving Jessica to win HOH for the week. Her and Cody needed this win to keep themselves safe in the game because it is obvious they are back on the bottom again. After Jessica won HOH she did not even hesitate to put up Josh as her target and Ramses at a pawn. Everyone came up kissing ass to try  swoon Jessica and Cody, but they aren’t stupid, they have no trust for anyone (and for good reason). Jessica knew her target was Josh, but that if she wanted to keep her word with people and keep trying to amend the fences Cody had trampled down, she knew her or Cody had to win the veto contest.


Well luck is on her side this week as she pulled out the win. What Jessica didn’t know was there was a secret backdoor going on by the other housemates. They know it works in their favor to keep Josh in so they can keep going after Cody and Jessica after the week is over. They all have agreed to nominated Ramses sending him home and slamming the door on Cody and Jessica’s plan. The other housemates have chose to keep Elena and Mark out of the loop on this plan as they know they are too loyal of people and can’t lie. Jessica debated using the veto because she had a feeling there was a backdoor plan going on, but Cody and Elena assured her everyone is on the same page and they have the numbers in their favor. Jessica decided to not trust her gut and instead trust her housemates and did not use the veto.

I feel pretty bad for her as she really did work hard to come out of Cody’s disaster and play a good game for herself and make amends with everyone.  Unfortunately the “snake” Paul worked his tongue to slither his way back in control and is just stabbing people in the back one person at a time. The only thing Cody and Jessica have going for them is that Jessica has the halting hex and has the power to stop any eviction in its tracks. Obviously if anyone besides Cody or Jessica gets power next week then those two will be sitting up against each other on eviction night and they will have to use the halting hex.

Should be an interesting week with the fall out.

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