Big Brother Weekend Spoilers Noms and Veto

Well as you can tell I was away all weekend but I still managed to catch up on all things Big Brother and wow a lot has happened in the Paul show. As you know Christmas won the HOH and if you saw last nights episode you know she put up Jason and Alex. Her plan all along was to break up the last “duo” by sending out Jason. Josh is starting to get very suspicious of what is going on with Paul. He is starting to think that Paul has secret alliances going on with everyone in the house. He is so right.

Veto spoilers! Stop reading if you don’t want to know.

So everyone except Josh got picked to play in the veto. As far as Raven, Josh, Christmas, and Paul’s plan it is to get Jason out this week. However Paul still has a secret alliance with Alex so he has to be careful what he does. He has led Jason and Alex to believe they are pawns and the plan is to backdoor Kevin. As long as everyone is on the same page it should come down to unless Alex or Jason win then noms will stay the same and Jason will go home. Unless Josh’s suspicions are correct and Paul might need to go against his “final 3” and save Alex.

So as it goes things sure got interesting when Paul wins the power of veto. He tells Christmas and Josh he wants to take Alex down and its purely to secure Jury votes in Alex and Jason. However truth of it is, he has an alliance with Alex he is trying to save his own butt. Josh brings up again his suspicions to Christmas about Paul and how he thinks Paul has ulterior motives. Christmas assures Josh that he is over thinking things.

Well power of veto ceremony today and even though Christmas has tried to talk Paul into keeping the noms the same as to not stir any drama up, this isn’t Christmas’s game, its Pauls. Josh’s suspicious were with good reason, and Paul proves it when he decides to use the Power of Veto to save Alex. Christmas puts up Kevin in Alex’s place. The plan is for Josh and Raven to vote out Jason. Alex still thinks that the plan is to get Kevin out so she will vote for Kevin and Paul will most likely vote for Kevin to keep himself save with Alex, this will force Christmas to be the tiebreaker and Jason will be going home, however it is a double evict week and Paul just drew a line in his alliances, could this be what all the viewers have been waiting for and the house is finally going to see Paul as the puppet master he is thus leading the house to turn on him and get him out? Tune in Thursday to see!

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