Big Brother Weekend

Well it was a busy weekend in both Big Brother houses and I have spoilers as well so if you don’t watch US Big Brother live feeds then stop reading RIGHT NOW!

So BBUK this week we had Joe going home. As much as a few times he really rubbed me wrong it was still sad to see him go. Rather him than Tom or Charlotte though. I knew Tom would take it hard when Joe left. That’s not gonna be the only tears we see from Tom this week because guess who is coming to visit the house……PARIS! Little does Tom know that Paris has “broken up” with him since he’s been in the house so this is going to be a fun week for sure! Not only that its also a DOUBLE EVICTION!

BBUS brought us saying good bye to Jillian in what was a shock to some housemates. Now those housemates find themselves on the outside looking in and with Paul as new HOH you know things are going to get stirred up! Paul puts up Alex and Josh and then Ramses goes up to because he got the poison from the Den of Temptations last week. This week Den of Temptations was given to Christmas by the  viewers. Don’t fear if you think Paul is taken it easy with his Nom’s this  week, that is not his play at all. Here’s the spoiler folks. Paul’s plan is to backdoor Cody and guess what…’s working! We found out on live feeds that Paul also wins the veto this week! Let’s see if he follows through with his backdoor plan!

Should be an interesting week in both BB Houses! Tune in next week!

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