Bionic Man?

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A male sex robot with a bionic penis might replace men forever!

Bionic Man

A company called Real Dolls is in the business of making bionic love dolls. They are pioneers in making realistic mannequins that are sold to men as a replacement for the real thing. The customers use these dolls to satisfy their sexual needs but also to avoid loneliness after losing a partner and even go onto “marry” them.

Their plastic ladies have been around for a while now and are being sold for around £10,000 and look and feel like the real thing, even capable of holding conversations.

Now the company real doll is working on creating a male version for us lonely ladies. Their latest version is capable of making facial expressions but that’s not all…

These dolls are capable of answering questions and can be personalised to you via an android app.

The battery-powered dolls outperform other love toys and even humans according to the company.

The new male dolls come with bionic genital and are perfect as a replacement for men because they can hold a conversation and their own experiences at the same time.

BUT, can it pull the wheelie bin out on a rainy Monday night and pick up that dead bird in the garden?




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2 Comments on “Bionic Man?”

  1. How weird! Huge improvement though to be fair on what men get on offer, blow up Betty dolls! LOL That being said, Bionic man isn’t for me, whatever floats you boat.

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