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Born today on the 30th May?

May 30 is loaded with talent, but things come so easily to this character that they sometimes have trouble following them through. This character talks a streak, but quite often it’s just simply painting grand ideas in the sky. They soon flit to something else. This can be irritating to those around them particularly people whom May 30 has persuaded to come in with their future plans. It is important not to talk so much and concentrate on actions, because some of these ideas really are grand and could bring success.

Some may just be dreamers, without the practical streak which can be a true Gemini characteristic. In this case, it’s best to weave these dreams for others’ entertainment. Try to write them down. Or if you are artistically inclined, paint them or turn them into music, pottery or even sculpture. There are many excellent artists born this month -creativity goes with the long summer days when they first saw light. Remember that both sexes are often bedevilled by uncertainty about their own talent. All people feel this way. The successful among us acknowledge their feelings and get on with it anyway.

The less successful allow themselves to be paralysed by it and frequently become bitter, even envious of others who aren’t. May 30 is usually quick-witted, with a rapid grasp of figures. Although they are not life’s natural accountants, they understand control of the budget makes everybody less vulnerable to the dark shadow of financial worries. They may also use this talent to make money for others as well as themselves and can be very useful problem solvers in the financial area for friends or anyone whose business needs sorting out. And when they have made their money, what does May 30 spend it on? This air sign loves to travel. They may also enjoy fast travel toys, their own aeroplanes, fast cars and of course big, beautiful motorbikes. Security is all mortal’s chief enemy.


Fast-paced May 30 often gets run down. People born on this day should develop an interest in alternative medicine, because enthusiasm often develops into health-conscious habits. Whatever happens, it’s wise to remember that trace minerals are important to well-being and without them you will feel very run down. Zinc, manganese and iodine are just a few. Zinc from carrots, peas and nuts. Manganese from wholegrain breads and cereals. Iodine from sea vegetables such as kelp and dulse. Also from seafood. Don’t use extra salt in your food as a means of obtaining iodine.


When you have a really cracking idea, sit down with a sheet of paper and write how it would work, and why it is different. This stops you dissipating it with talk and helps in the execution.

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