Birthday Horoscope for 1st July

Born on 1st July….Happy Birthday! This is your birthday horoscope…

July 1 people are charming, effervescent and many have a facility for money-making, particularly in computers and gadgets. They can brilliantly invent new programmes but with easy generosity often use their talents to help less confident colleagues.

Sometimes July 1 is cocky, but more often displays adroit self-deprecation, a necessary political talent in the workplace. A mistake may be made if these individuals are so convinced that clever actions speak louder than words that they fail to claim their successes. There’s always somebody else who will.

Sensitive to nuance, professionally and in private, people born today are often lost for the right word. They must rely on actions when they can’t think of something appropriate to say and this may make them seem slow to comprehend.

A verbally skilled potential lover should best look elsewhere unless prepared to sacrifice fascinating conversation for the chance to be paired with a millionaire.

But July 1 people should be wary of romancing passionate talkers because love easily sours into criticism and an undermining mockery which will hurt them. Nevertheless, they are natural party people, often arriving with unusual flowers and exquisitely chosen presents. (This date thinks a dozen roses are dull. Instead, because July 1 people adore a mass of colour, expect armfuls of cobalt irises.)

If any social occasion seems to flag it will be this quiet creature who has a flash of inspired showmanship, turns into an extrovert for the moment and leads the crowd. Often, tremendous dancers, they can also make the clumsiest partner feel like candyfloss on the dance floor.

More than that, July 1 people, with their exceptional physical and mental co-ordination, often become professional dancers, musicians and sometimes international sporting stars. Sadly the Cinderella syndrome dogs some Cancerians born on this day. They can be tempted to indulge in maudlin unhappiness for no other reason than they feel a bit low after having a good time.


If insomnia is a problem, try a tisane of soporific lettuce leaves. Remember some people quite naturally need less than eight hours sleep a night and try to work out what you feel best with. If you find that bed at midnight and getting up at 6am works for you, or if you constantly wake in the night, but don’t feel the worse for it the next day, then clearly that is your natural rhythm.

The best thing is to cease worrying about the eight hour concept. Like most other things, it’s just a general measure, not a specific. If, however you are always exhausted because of lack of sleep, then combine the lettuce leaf drink, which works for some, with a few drops of lavender oil sprinkled upon your pillow.


The best love partners for July 1 are born between February 21 and March 21, and between October 21 and November 21. Best days of the week for marriage are Monday (for health), Tuesday (for wealth) and ultra-lucky Wednesday.

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