Birthday Horoscope for 2nd July

Born on 2nd July….Happy Birthday! This is your birthday horoscope…

This is the shopper’s birthday, at its most fun the person who just likes nice things, but more seriously, July 2 people are often knowledgeable art and antique collectors. This individual is unhappy in ugly surroundings and sometimes thinks the key to happiness is extravagance. It’s also the sociable side of buying that attracts. Auction houses, car boot sales, garden fetes, street markets and department stores are gossipy places, like a daytime party.

Both sexes are naturally drawn to precious and semi-precious stones, the one to wear them and the other (men) more to give them. Special Cancer stones include the moonstone, which is reputed to balance moodiness and amazingly enough relieve stomach aches. But the lovely soft pearl is perhaps the best natural reflector of the shimmering depths of this dreaming star. Dreaming or not, however, the more practical side of their nature means that July 2 people gravitate to money and power. If they can’t make it for themselves, they marry it. For those who do go this route, such personal and material motivation will naturally mean they are extremely sophisticated sexually, skilled in seduction and often devastatingly attractive.

July 2 reads a great deal about sex, talks sexy, which they often regard as foreplay, and play all manner of pleasing games. Look in the cupboard and you’ll find a strip poker board big enough for several people to stand on, with a silver dice shaker. Let them know you’ve seen it and they will issue an immediate invitation. Essentially warmhearted, they adore children. Flighty ones may see a baby on the arm almost as a crucial accessory. But most make loving parents. This date frequently has a big family, four or more children. Their chronic hypochondria may reflect genuine health problems and if this causes difficulty with conception, either sex must guard against desperation. Highly motivated July 2 has a determined streak which helps fulfill their longing.

Body: If your eyes often feel tired, try cutting down on sugar and carbohydrates, both of which are bad for the ciliary (focusing muscle). Other foods, which some eye doctors think may not be so good for clear sight include alcohol, caffeine, canned foods, coffee, eggs, fried foods, fruit, fruit juices, ice cream, red meat, milk and many drugs (unless under medical direction). Foods which aid vision are commonly held to be salads, raw or steamed vegetables, herb teas, in particular rose hip and hibiscus, tofu (bean curd), short grain brown rice and basmati rice.

Mind: Sneeze on Monday, sneeze for danger; on Tuesday, kiss a stranger; on Wednesday for a letter; on Thursday, something better; on Friday, sneeze for woe; on Saturday, a journey to go; sneeze on Sunday, see your lover tomorrow.

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