Birthday Horoscope for 3rd July


Born on 3rd July….Happy Birthday! This is your birthday horoscope…

Those born on July 3 are introspective and interested in how others tick, both powerful characteristics of the crab. Psychiatry, poetry and scientific philosophy may be their passion and many happily pursue these interests, showing no real need for wordly success. Some may have sufficient talent to become famous in the creative arena, but will usually be attracted to the cutting edge of new ideas, rather than traditional areas.

At work, July 3 listens to woes, usually giving good advice and acting as peacemaker and problem-solver. Unfortunately, they may be so empathetic that they become overwhelmed by others’ miseries, so a measure of self-protection is advisable if there is a resident fountain of tears in the office. Equally unfortunately, some also suffer from a nosey-parkerish need to know and should resist reading memos upside-down on colleagues’ desks.

These individuals are intensely stirred by the beauty of Nature, need little money and are often sparing in their appetites. Love must be based on shared interests and they are passionate, committed and rarely unfaithful. They keep careful watch over their partner’s and any children’s health, diet and happiness, but can also be tiresomely faddy, imposing barmy opinions on their unfortunate nearest and dearest. Because they don’t adore eating, or have a flutter on the lottery, or flirt with as many people as possible, means they can’t imagine why others should.

Single July 3 people could easily become hermits and must remember, or be reminded to keep in touch with family and friends. They are capable of showing astonishing bravery and bringing immense good to the world, make excellent physicians and can be found in organisations which work for the care of mankind. Those who are less dedicated to the good of others have extremely good taste and make their homes lovely, choosing pale, watery colours, shimmering pearly-whites. Walking into their houses is like taking a step inside a delicate, alluring water lily.

Body: They have fine, delicate skin, subject to spotty problems in adolescence. Some potions from the chemist may work, hut its best not to use too much. It’s often disappointing, no miracles here, and some of the creams may set up their own reactions. Experts are divided in their advice and of course it’s different for each individual. But too much hair washing with harsh, chemical shampoos is often the culprit for acne. Just hot water can be best for hair and skin.

Mind: Big heads often mean big talent. While the average brain weighs 1,400 grams, Oliver Cromwell’s and Lord Byron’s were 2,200 grams each. Otto Von Bismarck’s 1,900 grams. But not always. Dante Alighieri’s was 1,420 grams.

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