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Born today on the 12th February

This intensely competitive miss is ultra-keen to prove she can do anything better than a man. And by golly Miss Molly she can. 12th February is a mission-minded kid and wherever eleven strong men are gathered for a cricket game. She’s in there demanding to play. This is a good sportswoman and can run and throw faster than most men anyway. Skills she uses when evading an unwanted male pursuer or to teach him a lesson with the contents of a water Jug.

Often technically skilled, but not necessarily. 12th February barges her way through the ranks of light engineering, or the local factory. Gets her own department, revolutionises the production department run by a man. Before you know it, she’s in charge of the shooting match.

Since Aquarian’s dominant tendency is to be fair-minded, she’ll be popular with everybody and sweep out old male fuddy-duddy cobwebs. Including the executive loo and dining-room. With 12th February in charge, everybody gets the same facilities. Both sexes have a strong sense of fairness and neither will brook promotion on the grounds of anything other than talent. Nor can they stand snobs in private life, not on any subject and that includes birth into any family and money.

Nobody buys 12th February affection. Away from work this fierce defender of right is a goddess or god in the kitchen, the wizard cook of the zodiac. They can throw a dinner for ten together in half an hour and their idea of fun is to take a crowd home, feed them, settle them for the night on sofas and camp beds, then cook up a storm of croissants with fried eggs, Tabasco sauce and champagne for the next morning.

Those who live in the country can exhaust guests with long walks, tennis matches and charades into the small hours, but their witty, friendly gossip makes it fascinating and worth being slightly hungover and puffed.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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