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Born today on the 13th February

These dancing sparklers are some of the snappiest movers in the zodiac. Thriving at night on dance floors in clubs where they quickly draw everybody’s gaze. 13th February is also good-looking and wears a snazzy outfit with sufficient flare to make others copy it. Natural style leaders, many followers of 13th February will adopt their mannerisms simply because what 13 does today. The rest of the world cottons on to tomorrow.

In any kind of style business, they are the dominant stars. Making dominant money and if they’re particularly flashy examples of the day, travelling all over the world. Catwalk queens are born today, as are designers and people who see to it that films look good.

Many can play musical instruments and could have their own successful band. Some may write, including stage and television scripts which may have people all over the world coining their phrases. When 13 says ‘I’ll be back’ it catches on. When they write ‘I did it my way’ the world never stops singing and saying it. Shimmying across the world, their dancing stage, always travelling first class with a glass of champagne in their hand. They could be forgiven for forgetting old friends, lovers and Auntie May. But not a bit of it. This tough-minded star always values his or her roots and finds more pleasure in a phone call with their brother than Brad Pitt any day.

Away from the world stage, 13th February is much the same, only quieter. Never having wished to stray or make a fortune or create a huge splash with their talents. They look for endless love in a companion. Which is OK because they’re the hottest thing in town in bed, often exhausting eager partners. Which doesn’t matter either, because nice 13 makes a powerful platonic friend and is Just as happy to sit sipping wine and listening to music as to indulge in sweatier activities.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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