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Born today on the 17th February

17th February is like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. They bounce about, expect everybody to be their friend and they’re always looking for new games to play. Likeable, friendly, energetic Tigger is a favourite star amongst other stars and blessed by the gods. When Tigger makes mistakes, he’s so forlorn the world rushes to help. When lady Tiggers get into hot water because two concurrent boyfriends have found out, people shrug and say ‘Silly girl’. The conclusion is that there’s not a bad bone in their lovely Aquarius bodies.

But they do create problems which often require a lot of sorting out. This is the creature who loses his passport abroad having drunk too much the night before and left it in a cafe. And the fact is that someone else will have to sort it out. This is the girl who forgets to take her birth control pills on holiday and drives the wrong way up a one-way street. Lady Tiggers get away with murder because they can look helplessly fetching. When a policeman sternly tells her to park the car, then get out to discuss the one-way situation, she can’t get it into the parking space – this isn’t a spatially orientated date – but the nice policeman does it for her. And then says he quite understands about the mistake. His wife is like that too.

They make terrific journalists because people always talk to them. On buses and trains, there’s always somebody who wants to confide in Tigger. There’s also usually somebody who wants to get off with them. Charm rests on them like a golden cloak. They get the best tables in restaurants and discounts where there are none. Strangers lend them their mobile telephones. People pay them for just being around. Lady Tiggers make good parents but often forget to go to parents’ evenings. Husbands forget anniversaries. It never matters.
Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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