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Born today on the 18th February

18th February longs for spring to come and for summer’s warm days. Some may even suffer from mild depression brought on by damp and dingy light outside and at work. Some 18th February finds it all so discouraging that they go abroad to a warmer place to live. This problem may dominate 18th February otherwise optimistic psychology. It’s essential that they don’t sink into moans every year but preplan instead.

Since many born today have a good eye for colour and make their living with this clever design vision, the obvious thing is to create a brightly-coloured home. Their houses have touches of bright yellow and blue, uplifting colours. And summery flowers. You find startling shades of orange or carnivorous crimson in hallways and bedrooms. Many of these individuals take a winter/spring holiday, maybe somewhere hot but also in snow-covered mountains where sunlight bounces vigorously off white snow and cheers the most melancholy soul.

Since this individual is often sporty and as fast on her feet as a shooting star, there’ll be expert swimming and skiing to take others’ breath away. Women born today are extremely conscious of the right price for their work. So they move from job to job until satisfied that they are properly rewarded. Neither sex is at all backwards about coming forward with what they want nor since you do get more if you ask – at the right time – they do get.

In spite of this 18th February puts off until tomorrow what should be finished today. Not so bad at work where pay packages discipline them. But at home procrastination causes the perennial Aquarius problem of unpaid bills, due to reluctance to part with money, and it’s not surprising when the electricity gets cut off. Worse, both sexes are so busy putting off decisions they miss the partner of their dreams and let love opportunities drift away. Nor can the women decide when to have a baby.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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