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Born today on the 20th February

This dangerous 20th February creature doesn’t know the power of its impact on others. Someone at birth threw an extra bucket of charm their way as they arrived in the world trailing pink clouds of glory. But forgot to add the extra teaspoonful of self-awareness.

Lovely spring children, they are gifted with beauty and eyes that potential lovers want to drown in. Wherever he or she goes, people want them to stay. But sweet 20th February trips away, thinking how kind everybody is for throwing gifts, new cars, best theatre tickets. It’s a luscious peach on the tree, but not an easy nibblette and too far to reach for most people.

Heads in the stars. They dream of what is to come, a better career, a first book, or decorating their home. Sexy when aroused, it’s a cerebral peach, frequently goes without romance for months. Without a partner, 20th February never worries that she might not be kissed again, A kiss is always just around the corner. Duplicitous at work, their career rise is often phenomenal. Nobody pins down 20th February’s intent to deceive because both sexes constantly change the rules. They and are always surprised that anybody expected them to be consistent. The big ideas are worth waiting for. Nobody else has them quite like this, and nobody else can accomplish them quite like that. Expect astonishing originality and the frequent crackle of pure excitement.

Find 20th February in retail, sales, the media and tourism, where people pleasing is paramount. Although they may not care personally how many people feel. They do care collectively and their strong imagination makes this vision absolutely masterful. In later life, they settle down, after one to ten false starts.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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