Is it your birthday today 26th May?



Born today on the 26th May?

This date walks on the wild side and fears nothing. Dangerous, desirable and trouble all the way, few people can resist the magnetism of May 26. Yet it’s a mistake to think this individual is sexually greedy. There is finesse in the flirting, secrecy in the erotic adventure.

May 26 will see someone at a party, form a connection with one glance, then turn away until at the very end they magically appear by the newly chosen partner, who has been secretly waiting – but unsure – for this moment. So what is life like with this Prince and Princess of Dark Desires? Thrilling and agonising.

Most do settle down in the end because they get tired of all the tears and pleading letters. And they do suffer some guilt. But they are innately unfaithful, always alert to the sudden lurch of interest in an attractive stranger, and always amused by their ability to catch a glance, hold it and trade on it. As lovers they are adventurous, but it’s more a question of place than fancy tricks.

They have a hungry passion, which is heady enough to bind anyone to them. And they are amused by the idea of love in public places, preferably where there is the added danger of discovery. In fact this creature’s ideal fantasy is a chance meeting on a train, naturally a European train with those high steps up to carriages which have curtained compartments. As the train rumbles through the night, the two strangers will kiss and wrap their bodies around each other. Then dawn comes. The train pulls into a far away station and one of them is gone…

Such wildness is romantic and appealing, but these characteristics can border on the anti-social, even criminal, and although many devotees will continue to admire, the reality and results of May 26’s impetuous behaviour may be less pleasant.


May 26 is attracted to alcohol. Young people born on this day can drink, dance, drink again, stay up all night, then go to work fresh as a newly opened buttercup. They also have phenomenal concentration, so the indulgences of the night before seem to barely touch them. But as the clock ticks on this behaviour catches up. Some may find they are drinking to keep themselves going, and then drinking because they can’t start without it. Control the alcohol intake before alcoholism hits. Remember, reformed alcoholics can’t drink and who wants to grow old without the pleasures of chilled champagne?


Sometimes it seems that everybody wants something from you, that people won’t leave you alone until you have satisfied them. Try to spend time alone. Be self-sufficient. It will steady your mind and clear it.

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