Is it your birthday today 27th May?


Born today on the 27th May?

May 27 people are unusually single-minded Geminis, displaying none of the flibbertigibbet characteristics of their sign, remarkably clear cut about their aims and capabilities. Look for them in social professions where they have a responsibility to direct and help others and you will find excellent teachers, sharp-witted doctors and social workers who show immense understanding and patience with their cases.

Many have an oddly attractive and unusual take on the world, a sort of child’s truthful eye, which helps promote that instant intimacy, valuable in any profession where power is wielded. Most are sufficiently modest to avoid pomposity, but some do have the Gemini self-seeking streak and can’t keep it at bay. And you can’t tease these individuals out of it.

Another Gemini characteristic is inability to take criticism so this particular May 27 person will lack the self-knowledge common to most individuals born on this day and unless something amazing happens, they remain convinced of their superior position in the universe.

Women born on this day make the most inspirational teachers, spend much time and energy bringing pleasure and understanding to their pupils, whether it be in a school or at work where they are in charge. Less professionally motivated women are always ready to offer solace to others in the office, and at home they are marvellous, funny and inventive wives, mothers and daughters.

Some men tend to provoke ultra-strong reactions amongst their colleagues, which they find puzzling, but in general can use this to the good because it means they are always listened to and their opinions never ignored.

May 27 is often a great reader and follower of the arts and much of their private time is devoted to these pursuits. Great personal comfort can always be found by these people in a piece of favourite poetry or music, and simply listening or reading always renews their spiritual strength.


Although basically vigorous, these individuals may be vulnerable to allergies. In particular those who live in the country can suffer slight asthma because of crop burning or the widespread cultivation of rape, that virulent yellow invader of our agricultural land. Children are particularly vulnerable to asthma from rape (Brassica napus) and should be kept away from it as much as is practical. Sadly life in all major industrial centres promotes asthma. Not much you can do, except keep away. But one in twenty asthmatics is sensitive to sulphites used in food preservatives (E220-E227), particularly cheap wine, so it’s worth monitoring alcohol intake.


In numerology the 27th is ruled by the number 9 (2+7 =9), which is powerful with other numbers. (Any number added to 9 yields that same number, eg 5+9=14, 4+1=5.) Power is only good if used wisely.

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