Is it your birthday today 28th May?


Born today on the 28th May?

Some people born today suffer lack of determination and over self-criticism. They have grand ideas, start extraordinary projects, but then, when obstacles arise, just give up. These problems can be rectified. May 28 people with a poor self-image may have been unhappy in childhood or lost someone close when very young. Perhaps they have never acknowledged their sadness.

Sometimes it’s hard to take a look at what makes you weep, but these things really are part of the human lot and once May 28 understands that tragedy comes to everyone, he or she will gain new inner strength. These individuals have lots of original flair and may find that colleagues simply don’t understand them. It’s important to be able to put new ideas over fluently and to the right people. A little business training may come in useful here but if colleagues remain unimpressed and stuck in their corporate mud, May 28 should just move on.

Some businesses are so moribund and self-congratulatory they will forever be blind to the fact that May 28 has something important to say. Remember this. There’s an inventor’s streak in both sexes born on this day and a genuine problem-solver’s talent. May 28 will take a fresh look at something run-of-the-mill, identify an area of profitable change, and go for it. Other people will then always mutter: ‘Why didn’t I think of that? It was so obvious.’ But everybody has their chance. Look for this individual in small breakthrough companies, such as mail order catalogues, design outfits, successful shops, rock groups. Find them also in the local community fundraising for church roofs and for charities, with enormous strength of purpose and effectiveness.

Socially May 28 is always the person who gives the theme party that works rather than the ones that are fantastically tedious and embarrassing. For this individual, everybody really does turn up wearing green, looking glamorous and feeling at ease.


A lot of people born on this day like to smoke and drink, generally have a good time and frequently fall into bed in the early hours of the morning without cleaning their teeth. Such careless behaviour costs future smiles and it’s better to grow old with most of your body intact than drop bits along the way. A brush at the start and end of the day is not enough, which everybody knows really. Get a proper toothbrush, go to the dentist for regular check-ups, take the dentist’s advice, look after your teeth and the smiles will look after themselves.


Great loss and sadness is nobody’s fault. It’s just the way the world is constructed. There’s no need to talk about your feelings, if that is not your way, but you must acknowledge them to yourself.

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