Is it your birthday today 29th May?


Born today on the 29th May?

The roll-on-roll-off style of this star baby gives the word ‘effortless’ a new meaning. Like everybody born under this sign, Gemini’s child is laden with charm and the kind of talent that smooths paths. But 29th May people often prefer to lie about doing very little, merely talking about future plans. As lovers they are often spoiled for choice, with natural good looks to boost their chances. Both sexes wait for an approach. They may see someone they lust after, perhaps make a telephone call and talk charmingly, but then leave the running to others. Such languidness can be very appealing, and many of May 29th’s prospective partners think this character’s lack of sexual energy and effort is down to good manners, nice behaviour in a rapacious world. But, hey, it’s just inertia.

These creatures can be perfunctory, if greedy, about sex and emotionally lazy. May 29 is the one who falls asleep almost before the loving is over. They don’t really notice tantrums, smile vaguely and turn the television on. Some are almost accidentally promiscuous, barely taking notice of who owns the feet which pad across the floor into their beds. Nor are they domestically alert. Nothing house proud here. Both sexes will drop clothes on the floor, leave the milk out, lose the bath plug, and let others sort out the consequences.

Work, however, brings out the lode star in them. It may be dormant, but when polished it burns with a fierce fire and May 29 people can become defenders of the corporate faith, the people who changes things. Up against it, there is nothing they respond to as well as a challenge and drawn to dramatic situations, they will find dramatic solutions. In these circumstances their lack of material acquisitiveness, sometimes unworldliness, stands them in great stead, and allows them to concentrate to good effect. Success brings generosity of spirit and it’s worth remembering that changeable Gemini is always open to reform.


Quite surprisingly May 29 suffers from nervous fear, panics that seem to come from nowhere. Both sexes need to understand that such fear is based on their own disposition rather than a genuine material cause. The famous Dr Edward Bach addressed the need to find remedies for fear, and many other problems, in his travels through Wales and South England, searching for curative flowering plants and trees. Just two drops of Rescue Remedy in a glass of water will do much to calm the mind and ease the fluttering heart.


Nobody likes to imagine they have lived a life for nothing and with no result. There is a brilliant talent resting in you, and you will be deprived of great pleasure if you fail to search it out.

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