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My daughter has raved about American Horror Story for years. I’m not good with scary’s, Final Destination is about my limit so I was ready to sleep with the landing light on for this binge BUT it’s not so much scary as mind mushing. Yeah don’t get me wrong there are jumpy bits. But as for pure horror no, its okay, I think I’m going to sleep. I may even turn the bedside lamp off.

What I like about AHS, true fans abbreviate have you noticed? Game of Thrones GoT. American Horror Story AHS. Celebrity Big Brother CBB. I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. IACGMOH, (I made that one up sorry). Back to what I was saying…..what I like about AHS is that there are currently 6 series on Netflix but each series is an individual story, using the same (ish) cast. Season 7 Cult is out on Sky TV now. You will have to wait a while for it to be added to Netflix.

Murder House.

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Young Family torn apart by infidelity try to make a new start in a new home. What they don’t know is the house has a very unsavoury past including lots of murders. The young family encounter lots of new neighbours and people passing through their lives and start to question what secrets the households. As always I would never ever give away the ending BUT it’s a good un.




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Set in 1960’s this church-run mental asylum. Murderers and nymphomaniacs share their lives with naughty nuns and Nazi doctors who experiment on the patients. Found this one rather uncomfortable to watch but I enjoyed it. Kit is a young man accused of murdering his black wife. He adamantly denies this and tries to tell the doctors that aliens abducted her. A journalist breaks into the hospital wanting the exclusive on Kit who the press are calling Bloody Face. Big mistake Lana Banana. Again don’t think it’s over until the fat ladies sings there’s more to this one than you expected.



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My favourite so far. A young school for girls is the facade of this home for witches. 5 young witches hone their skills to become the next supreme. (Head witch). They come head to head with the local voodoo witch and a 200-year-old racist, bigoted murderesses who they take into their home and set to work as the maid. Things start going badly wrong when one by one the witches start killing themselves and bringing each other back to life whilst calling on the spirits of the dead. Main bonus for loving this one? The music running thought out the entire series is my love. Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. So not only can I watch from behind my pillow I can sing myself silly at the same time.

Freak Show

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I really felt uncomfortable watching this one. That’s the aim of the story makers I suppose but this one truly was a horror. Poor poor human beings born with deformities entertaining paying crowds with their weird and wonderful afflictions. Big money is to be made for medical abnormalities and soon the freaks start disappearing. Some good twists and turns and I’m not talking about my stomach.




Image result for ahs 5So all I’m going to say about this one is wow. Lady Gaga pulled it off. She has proved what an amazing actress she is. After the first episode, I actually forgot I was watching ma ma ma ma ma Pokerface singer and actually fell into her amazing portrayal of a rather old lady who looks good for her age. Note to be made. This is a jumpy one. Don’t sit holding a hot cup of coffee. Also, make sure when staying in hotels check the mattress hasn’t been sewn up. No Spoilers!



Roanoke – To Be Watched

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