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I’m not a massive TV watcher. I don’t set sky plus to record programs to watch later. I’m not an on-demand demander. I’m not an IPlayer IWatcher. I confess I’m a box set binger. I do not have the patience to wait for next week. Forgetting what program is on what day sitting ready and waiting bang on the clock for the opening credits. Entertain me in full beginning to end in one sitting.

Enlighten me. Make me want more. Keep me guessing BUT NEVER KEEP ME WAITING.



Bel’s review – I dismissed the hype over this last year. American Prisoner Cell Block H wasn’t for me.

Eventually, I was at a loss for something to watch so flicked it on as a background noise while I was repairing a hole in daughter’s school trousers. 7 hours later I realised it was 3 am and I hadn’t even threaded the needle for the trousers. Sod it I got another pair in Asda’s for a fiver next day.

WOW, from the first minute my eyes did not leave the screen. Piper being driven into the prison car park by her devoted, loyal and pretty wet pathetic boyfriend (the one out of American Pie yes, I sat thinking where have I seen him before).

You felt her fear and empathised with her rising panic. Her character gets you almost immediately as do the other inmates. I laughed with them, cried for them, got angry for them and mourned for them…….Not giving anything away….no spoilers!


Box Set binge time – all six seasons in 3 weeks evening viewing!

Red Stiletto rating 5/5 if I had 6 it would get it!

What the professionals say

When Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) finds herself behind bars for a crime she committed a decade earlier, her life becomes a messy merry-go-round of exes, current fiancés and trying to avoid becoming a prison wife. Based on the real Piper’s memoirs, a diverse cast transform this quick-witted comedy-drama into essential viewing. As for the standouts amongst the inmates? It’s a tough one, but Uzo Aduba’s Crazy Eyes, Samira Wiley’s Poussey and Yael Stone’s Lorna Morello are right up there.


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One Comment on “Box Set Binge!”

  1. I have not seen Orange is the New Black.

    My binge TV box set has to be Scandal. It’s really worth a watch. Its stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope and she’s a fixer. She will do whatever needs doing to fix a problem. That could be anything from fixing an American election to covering up a murder.

    It really is a great box set. It’s so much better than my description to haha.

    Love to hear more recommendations as I love chilling on the sofa binge watching TV

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