Breathe and count to 10 Kid.

When I was a kid I knew never to answer back.

Never argue. Never say no. As a kid it just wasn’t worth the holy hell I would get from my mum.

Of cour, e as you get older you push the limits just to see how far you can go. Where the line? I admit I was never brave enough to try to find it. I tried it once. My mum was going on and on and on and on about something or another and I turned around and said “will you get off my back” the minute the words fell from my lips I knew Armageddon was about to begin. I run and legged it as fast as my chubby little pins would let me. Locked myself in the bathroom and prayed to every single deity that the door was strong enough to hold her back. It wasn’t. Cheers to all the gods I prayed to where were you when I needed you!

Times have changed for sure. I have a 14-year old that has an answer for everything and a smart arsed comment to go with it. Some of what she replies make sense and I sit and ponder and consider her response until I realise I am the parent here and I wouldn’t dare talk to my mum like that. After the bolt of realisation has hit me I turn to tell her I am the parent blah blah blah I realise she has left the room grinning knowing once again the evil warlord has been defeated.

This is why she one day will rule the world while I clean her throne room and tidy up after her.


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I'm a single mum, waiting on my knight with shining armour but the best I can hope for is my 7 year old wrapped in tin foil. You can normally find me on my hands and knees (cleaning the kitchen floor). Getting wet in the bathroom (cleaning the kids honest). Dirty in the garden (digging weeds). Being creative in the kitchen (spaghetti hoops on toast ah viola!)

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